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Ever wondered what Navy SEALs and other elite veterans do once they leave the military?

They go job hunting, just like everybody else looking for a new career. Except special operators and fighter pilots have spent on average 10 or more prime income earning years out of today’s offices and businesses and inside of combat units that demand all of their time, leaving no room for post-military career exploration until their separation is upon them; finding their place in the civilian world can be as big a challenge as anything they have faced in training or in combat.

Elite Meet was founded in 2017 to assist these elite military veterans find civilian employment.

Through a series of large and small events across the country, we place our candidates in the same room as business decision makers and employers looking to hire. In addition to attending events, our candidates take part in our robust #CommitToONE mentorship program, have a team of professional writers standing by to create a personalized 500 word "Hire Me" profile, and have access to a curated list of job openings.


John Allen - CEO

Navy SEAL. Born and raised in Boston MA. Studied Philosophy and English at UMass Amherst. Coffee, Red Sox and fantasy football addict. Cat and human dad.


Ed Hine - COO

F/A-18 WSO.  Born and raised in Georgia.  Ex-sail boat racer.  US Merchant Marine Academy grad.  Outdoor cooking addict. Husband and father.  

Jordan Selleck - Chairman

Startup CEO. Reformed banker. M&A deals $10-250M, Covered PE, 32 countries, Lived in China, BJJ, 4th generation pilot, SCUBA, Mandarin Chinese, Podcast addict, Father, Husband.

Moore EM Profile.jpg

Brady Moore - Director of Placement

Green Beret. Greater NYC Area-based. AI & Machine Learning business development. Home cook and history fan. Los Angeles native. Citadel & Penn State MBA grad. Active local VFW member. Catholic father and husband.

Matt Cox - Director of Recruiting

F/A-18 Pilot and Senior Military Advisor. Transportation technology enthusiast. Photography and live music fan. SF Bay Area native and resident.


Ryan Tuttle - Director of Mentorship

AV-8B and F-5 Pilot. Currently flying for FedEx. Studied chemistry at the Naval Academy. Dog dad to two shepherds. Backpacker. Skier. Gastronome. Voracious reader of history. Living in sunny San Diego.

Headshot 2.jpg

Chris Brantley - Director of Fundraising

Green Beret. Ranger. Cleveland, OH native. Corporate Finance. Man Utd fan. Father. Husband. Runner.

Zasmus 2.jpg

Zach Asmus - Associate


Air Force CCT.  Small family business in Houston, TX. Currently pursuing B2B tech sales. Husband, father, dog rescuer.


Austin Hulbert - Associate

F/A-18 Pilot. Naval Academy, Georgetown, Harvard graduate. COO of DebtMaven, a fintech startup in NYC. Amateur chef, aspiring standup comedian, and globetrotter. Former Firefighter/EMT and Navy Diver.

Roem - Adviser

8 year Navy SEAL Officer. San Diego native. Ex-rugby player. Novice surfer. US Coast Guard Academy grad. Conversational in 4 languages. Classic Ford Bronco addict. Home chef. Gardener.

Brendan McCarthy - Media

NYC based freelance filmmaker. Grew up in rural Groton MA and on the island of Oahu HI - a contrast that provided him with a unique perspective and voice. Massachusetts College of Art and Design grad. Rock climber. Snowboarder. Adventurer.

Melanie Chuaypradit - 

Front End Developer & Designer

Product designer (UX/UI), for Citigroup. Former luxury retail operations manager.  Brooklyn based, dog mom, travel addict.


2018 Sponsors




25+ Elite Veterans expected

50+ Elite Professionals expected


EM HOUSTON - JUN 7/8, 2018

25+  Elite Veterans expected

50+ Elite Professionals expected


EM NYC - JUN 21, 2018

25+  Elite Veterans expected

50+ Elite Professionals expected


EM NYC - OCT 22, 2018

25+  Elite Veterans expected

50+ Elite Professionals expected



25+  Elite Veterans expected

50+ Elite Professionals expected

Previous events


EMx (San Fran, NYC, Chi & Va Beach)

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 1.59.55 PM.jpg

NOV 29, 2017

20+ Elite Veterans

30+ Elite Professionals

*EMx events are small, locally organized networking events run entirely by our candidates.

Em San francisco


AUG 2-4, 2017


28 Elite Veterans

50+ Elite Professionals

EM Chicago


JULY 20, 2017

10 Elite Veterans

20+ Elite Professionals

EM Boston


JULY 17, 2017

17 Elite Veterans

50+ Elite Professionals

EM Chicago


JUNE 12, 2017

14 Elite Veterans

30+ Elite Professionals



MAY 23 & 24, 2017

37 Elite Veterans

150+ Elite Professionals



NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 30, 2017

20 Elite Veterans

50+ Elite Professionals




Prior to this event I had submitted 50 resumes leading to only one interview. After Elite Meet, I submitted one resume, and got an interview.
— Navy SWCC

EM fills a vital and often overlooked niche critical to many transitioning vets: it provides direct access to C-suite leaders in an informal setting.
— Navy SEAL

Most of us do not have time for a 2 month training program, but need more than a few hours of class on a Navy base. Three days in a different city is the perfect balance.
— Navy SWCC

Consultation on media foot print, maximizing LinkedIn, working with recruiters, perfecting resumes, practicing interviewing tips, and even compensation negotiation are all hugely helpful insights which I gained from Elite Meet.
— Navy SEAL

These guys aren’t just putting together events... they’re building a community.
— Navy F18 Pilot

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