I made it public that I was a Navy SEAL last year on LinkedIn.

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I made it public that I was a Navy SEAL last year on LinkedIn…

I remember looking at my new headline that read, "Transitioning Navy SEAL" and wondering whether I had just made an unforgivable mistake.

Promoting your SEAL status is typically viewed as selfish by the community.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of SEALs will disguise their military careers when they get out, even if it severely undermines their job search.

Reputation is EVERYTHING in the Teams.

When you're an active duty SEAL, and have a guaranteed paycheck coming in every 2 weeks, it's easy to hate the former SEALs that step out of the shadows.

But when you leave active duty yourself, and see how hard it is to support your family in the civilian world, you realize how difficult staying completely silent about your SEAL career is going to be.

There should be guidance for SEALs that are getting off active duty on how to appropriately use their celebrity status that goes beyond what our Ethos tells us NOT to do:

"I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions."

In creating Elite Meet, I know I've made myself a target for criticism from the community I love, but the work we are doing to help this community is far more important than my reputation.