I was on a self destructive path until I met a Navy SEAL.

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I was a MASSIVE failure until I met a person who's presence alone was so motivating I overhauled my life overnight.

I came from a brilliant family, with elite degrees and awards. (Pulitzer prizes <-- plural)

In highschool, the pressure I put on myself to meet family expectations wore on me and I spiraled out of control (fights, skipping school, etc). I barely graduated.

I was accepted into exactly 1 college but was promptly kicked out after 1 semester for having legendarily bad grades (1.016 GPA) and for “disruptive behavior.” → (Google “UMass riots 2006”)

I was on a self destructive path until I met a Navy SEAL.

Standing in front of a man who had earned the right to be called “Navy SEAL” was something so epic I was left speechless... like for an awkwardly long amount of time.

I left that meeting utterly obsessed with becoming a Navy SEAL. I had finally found purpose in my life and it felt incredible!

All along I had been trying (and failing) to achieve someone else's idea of success.

When I established my own expectations and fully committed to them, I was reborn and f#$%ing unstoppable.

Takeaway: Stop chasing someone else's dreams. Chase your own.