TOOWi Media - Pioneers Of Insight Episode 19 "Gamer"



From Jerry Gaura, Founder of TOOWi Media and host of Pioneers Of Insight:

Ok, so how do I set this up. John Allen's got a unique story.

"Gamer" takes you into the life a frustrated college kid who became the world's top ranked gamer in a video game called Skate. That's a cool story itself, but John then entered the Navy and became a Navy SEAL. So now it's a very cool story, but it gets better. John then retires after some close calls in combat and bureaucratic bugaboos, gets confronted with the challenges of transitioning as a former special forces operator, and decides, hey I'm going to start a company to place elite vets into jobs. Having yet to land a job himself, he's conflicted by the irony of it all. So now it's a very, very cool story. But... John then faces his biggest challenge as a civilian, which is the whiplash from the Spec Forces community about breaking "The Warrior's Code." Operators don't talk, and John is talking. He faces his guilt and the potential consequences of owning his identify as a Navy SEAL in his new co-founder role.

So yeah, now it's a exceptional story.

Dig in folks, John is also a philosophy major with humility who's willing to laugh and talk to the foibles and nobility of the Warrior's Journey.


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