When the grenade bounced off my shoulder...


When the grenade bounced off my shoulder and landed next to me, I realized how foolish it was to think that death cared about my life plans.

When I was unable to stop the bleeding caused by the shrapnel, I learned that dying wasn’t scary, it was just sad.

I was supposed to have more time!

That morning, I had taken a picture of my awful deployment “beard” and sent it to my wife telling her I hoped that when we had children, our boys didn’t get my facial hair genes.

She said, "we'll find out soon... hopefully!"

We were going to start a family when I got back.

Now, slouched against a wall far far away from my wife, my mental clock told me I only had a few seconds left, and I felt overwhelming regret that we hadn't had children already.

Grief stricken, I closed my eyes and died...

...but I was given another chance!

Our medic managed to stop the bleeding just in time to save my life.

Today I am the father of 2 beautiful little girls and they are a constant reminder of the preciousness of time.

Key takeaway: Don't wait for tomorrow. Do it now.