The fascinating thing about Navy SEAL tryouts

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What fascinated me about the idea of becoming a SEAL is that the profession itself was accessible to the common person (virtually anyone can try out)...

... but simultaneously, the profession was legendarily exclusive (only a few thousand people have ever graduated from BUD/s, the epic SEAL tryout that is widely regarded as the hardest military selection course in the world).

Unlike other professions, becoming a SEAL has nothing to do with credentials or who you were before you showed up.

It's all about your ability to put in an extraordinary effort over a long period of time.

In other words, to become a SEAL, you gotta have the courage to try, and the grit to succeed.

When we started Elite Meet, it seemed ludicrous that I was now an “entrepreneur."

Little did I know that my SEAL experience had already prepared me for what it took to build a successful business.

Courage to try - it's not about the risks, it's about the massive action you take to overcome them.

Grit to succeed - 80 hour weeks, little to no pay and facing the reality that beyond you and your team, no one actually cares if your business succeeds or not.

Key takeaway: Ordinary people can become extraordinary if they aren't afraid to try, and are willing to put in the work.