I bombed a speech in 2017.

I bombed a speech in 2017.

My mind went blank and there was silence. Luckily my co-founder Jordan Selleck saw what was happening and took over brilliantly.

On the plane ride home, I was embarrassed and was having a hard time reconciling what had happened...

I LIKE public speaking... and I’m good at it too! (Lots of karate hands and charisma).

After some careful thinking I realized that this was a speaking technique problem, not a ME problem.

Old technique: Just before giving a talk I would convince myself that I was NOT about to give a public talk, but rather I was about to go have a casual chat with friends or something else super low key and non-stressful.

99% of the time this technique worked like a charm. The problem with this technique however, is the 1% of times when your mind breaks free of the trance you’ve put it in and realizes what you are ACTUALLY doing (giving a public talk).

I experienced this 1% scenario in 2017 and I froze.

I had to change my technique.

New technique: Treat public speaking like it's public speaking: no tricks, just prep.

Initially this made me more anxious before I gave talks, but on stage I couldn't have been more relaxed and confident.

Takeaway: Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.