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"Elite Meet is redefining the way the world accesses, understands, and employs elite military talent.”

Jeff Nicholson | Chief Media Officer

"Elite Meet is the leader in connecting top tier executives and top tier operators, creating a community greater than the sum of its parts.”

Matthew Griffin | Chief Executive Officer

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"Elite Meet’s screening process is more selective than most companies’ interview process, so you know they are all going to crush for you!”

Greg Dalli | VP Operations

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"We have been working with Elite Meet for a short time and have already had tremendous results. We are excited to continue partnering and helping more veterans find their place in the world."

Blake Ziolkowski | Head of SGA

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“Working at a small PE firm is my dream job, but all I've heard is that those jobs are like needles in a haystack. Within weeks of joining EM, they connected me to a small PE firm that wants to hire me!”


“Elite Meet led me to my current role, but I wasn’t satisfied and wanted to go another direction, and right away the EM team led me to several opportunities faster than I can type this.

AFSOC Commander

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“These guys aren’t just putting

together events... they’re building a community.”

Fighter Pilot

“Prior to this event I had submitted 50 resumes leading to only one interview. After Elite Meet, I submitted one resume, and got an interview.