Our focus is on special operators and fighter pilots but we screen and select all candidates based on their alignment with our values, their desire to pursue an exceptional civilian career, their commitment to building a community of like-minded individuals and their background and reputation during active duty service.  

We do welcome all applicants, though we expect to maintain a minimum of 95% of our community sourced from our primary focus areas.

EM Membership for veterans includes:

  • FREE for life, and we even cover your flight, hotel, food & ground transportation at certain EM events

  • Access to executives and decision makers

  • An engaged internal channel for crowdsourcing career needs

  • Mentorship program for short or long term runways

  • LinkedIn profile review and overhaul

  • Updated job board

  • “Shoot a flare” option -- Prompts an immediate diversion of all EM resources to assist you

  • Free “Training The Street” Udemy course